Friday, March 25, 2016

Video Game Review: Batman : Arkham Knight

 (spoilers) Overallll..... I loved it, wonderful game. The visuals are amazzzzzzzzzing, like seriously one of the best looking of the PS4 generation and I'm glad they were able to squeeze so much out of it not possible before. The ground combat was as sweet as ever, polished to a near perfect smooth height with little new additions besides some tricks to use but otherwise I relied on my same favorites. Especially hype were the few moments when there was team up moments with Robin and Nightwing etc. Same with the stealth predator gameplay, which was as intense as ever with some excellent set pieces and even in the side content. The teaming up with Robin was especially awesome in the one and only stealth room with him in Panessa Studios, hnnnggg that whole section (Dat joker song too). But the thing is, while all of this was the franchises' best, there was a little less than there should ahve been.
But moreso, there was a big elephant in the room many noticed. Or rather a elephant sized vehicle. While the batmobile finally being in was a awesome idea and looks cool, it's fun to drive and do things in short burst race an combat. But the game adds soooooo many random tank combat arenas , throughout th whole dang story, it gets old but one bears it as part of the package , And like a Cobra tank is fun to fight the first time, but not the last. And grrrr that Arkham Knight tank boss fight.... and its always faster to glide
These things are only a moderate big negative on a otherwise amazing game. Gamewide, incredible voice acting and moments from batman's nearly entire universe friend and villian. The main arc was pretty epic and Jason Todd encounters , especially later (dat red hood boss fight) were intense and feels. Wish there was a bit more with him post-reveal, but it worked. Scarecrow was a interesting foe. These both were heightened greatly however by the prescence of Joker. omg, bravo mark hammil. I didnt really know just how much he'd be in it before playing, and he is... and gets into some scary, funny, deep stuff in Batman's mind for a great central struggle at those moments. Weirdly, it was like the two were working together....woah. This game had joker at his joker-ist of the whole series, and he wasnt even technically alive!
While the main plot had those highlights, the villian-focused side quests had some great gameplay and plot stuff too. Whether it was penguin's arenas, two-faces bank robberies, the pyg boss fight, or others those were great. less so for hush, but its not a perfect game. But this game is packed with content and truly became open world that the series was inching torwards.
Of course with these, I also play DLC. and focused on the core. There's the solid (ps4 only scarecrow nightmare's offering the boss fight and tripping out that never realy happened in the main game), eh (the harley and red hood "episodes"), and the... great. he most wanted missions for mr.freeze, ras al ghul, killer croc, and mad hatter rivaled their City appearances and realy should have been part of the main game, bringing their storys to close, but short and so sweet.
Oh, the post game ending unlock requirements again....broken grrr, very specific amounts needed and messed up so had to youtube it...still powerful..
At the end of the day, it wasnt a perfect end. But its shiny, fun conten packed, epic....if not as what it could have been as it shoulda been. But a fine ending, and when its good, its quite great. 9.3 out of 10.
Arkham City > Arkham Knight > Arkham Asylum > Arkham Origins, all good times. lets see what hardcore batman games and rocksteady do next someday....

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