Friday, October 18, 2013

Reviewmania: Don Jon/Rush/The Wackness/Now You See Me/Rush/Cloudy2/The Family/Metallica/AfterEarth/Gatsby : Crazy Mini Review Roundup to mid October 2013

You may have noticed it's been a long time since my last review. Im really sorry, besides watching movies and reviewing them I am a full time student who is very busy.  and also when so many reviews stack up i have no choice but to combine them like this.  Anyways, here are some movies I feel like i must say something about I've seen over the past while, both in theaters and DVD. very quick critique and a score on each. cya next full review!

(let's begin)

-Don Jon: Guy is addicted to porn, turns his life around. some good laughs, warning alot of nudity, and a decent dramatic  story with quality acting from JGL/ScarJo/Julliane Moore.  some bad writing at times. 7.8 out of 10

-The Wackness:  Rap loving guy is addicted to drugs, sorta turns his life around.  Great 90's vibe and recreation. great story. Great ben kingsley. great soundtrack.  josh peck's best performance of his life. classic coming of age feels. indie charn. 8.65 out of 10

-Now You See Me: Magicians rob bank, shenangins.   great ensemble cast, funny witty writing.   decent special effects, interesting magician crime plot.  some plot holes and questionable twists. 8.2 out of 10

-Rush:  F1 Racing rivalry in the 70's. great story, great racing intensity.  quality performances from Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl.  overall quality movie for what it is. 8.25 out of 10

-Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2: the food themed CGI movie returns, with a island of food animals. great color, decent charm. decent plot for what it is. a solid example of chi. 8.1 out of 10

-The Family:  Ex-Mafia movie in France, one crazy family.  great Robert De Niro and  Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones.  OK storyline. great writing. ok direction. not perfect, but fun. 7.65 out of 10

-Metallica through the Never:  Metallica plays a concert during some trippy riot sub story. only for metallica fans, but band gives a objectively awesome performance. looks quality in 3d.  visual plot makes no sense but some good dark prats.  8 out of 10

-After Earth: shymalayan and the father/son Will and Jaden smith team up for a sci fi about earth with different animals and aliens. Alot of problems, oh my. Pretty visuals, interesting concept. WEIRD and bad dialogue that's a distraction. jaden's worst performance ever, will's lame performance. way too short. some palm facing parts.   very flawed, wasted potential with a hint of what couldve been redeeming it from complete failure but kinda bad. 5.85 out of 10

-The Great Gatsby: adaptation of the classic partying city novel.  Macguire is kinda lame, Leo Cap is pretty good. too slow at times.  out of place but unique soundtrack, good and bad depending on the times.  great beatiful color scheme and visuals. some questionable moments of why they filmed what they filmed. 7.7 out of 10

and that's all!