Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mini-Reviewmania: Into The Storm/Let's Be Cops/The Giver

            It’s the hazy last act days of summer, and so sometimes one does not want to devote whole review to movies. Thus, here we have a REVIEWMANIA!!! :
            Into the Storm:  I’ll call this one “Netflixesque-so-meh-it’s-good” quality. Has a simultaneously interesting and jarring mix of “found footage” and traditional style shots.   What is good is its tornado destruction shots which save it from a kinda dumb story although filled with some emotional acting from Richard Armitage.   6.5 out of 10
            Let’s Be Cops:  Get ready for a couple hours of the same joke since literally everyone and anyone believes the heroes are cops. That’s fine though, as there are some pretty funny scenes.  Damon Wayans is pretty funny,  but Jake Johnson is actually funnier for better or worse. Some silly times and rough edges but some fun inside.  6.65 out of 10
            The Giver: Surprisingly, it adapts a book which would seem ill-suited to being done.  Wonderful art direction/visuals with its slowly disappearing  black and white look. Great performances from Jeff Bridges as the Giver and  Brenton Thwaites as Jonas.  Quality pacing, and new elements that don’t detract from the original story however this is not always effective. Does what it sets out to do more or less and filled with emotion. 8.05 out of 10

Till next time true believers…

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