Saturday, February 2, 2013

A update message and Oscars 2013 Thoughts

Hello there (hopeful) loyal readers. As you may have noticed, I have changed the name of this blog and website. This happened to me when I was at an event, and my aunt said I did reviews to a friend of hers. They wanted to know what it was called so they could find it, and I mumbled “uh I think its Film Through Kev’s Eyes or something like that”.  The old title was decent, but too complicated to use in situations like that.  So I have changed it to a snappier name suggested awhile back by a good friend of mine. 
I apologize for the long wait. I have had a hectic and semi-conflicted personal life lately. I have not been able to do reviews of every film I have seen, whether that be from finals in December or personal issues or now starting school again. I also, persay, wasn’t “in the mood.” But now I am back and will catch up, and I also will review late release films which I feel need to be reviewed. The first batch will be Picture of the Year contentders. But first, here are my thoughts on the upcoming awards which can be seen on Feb. 24th. I’ll do categories I find interesting to write about.
Best Picture:    What Will Most Likely Win: Lincoln, because Spielberg hasn’t gotten a win in a while and DD-Lewis is bound to win the best actor award and I feel this is one of those years where one movie sweeps the floor. That movie is Lincoln.
                        My Vote:  Django Unchained, because it is a unique movie and has so many great aspects. It reminds me of one of the classic films, and has less flaws than Lincoln.
                        My Outside Pick: The Avengers. Yes it was a superhero film, but I believe that it was more than that. It was the best experience I had at the theaters all year, and I think it represents the culmination of human cinematic achievement.

            Best Director:  Who Will Most Likely Win: Spielberg, as he his picture wins so will he.
                                    My Vote: Spielberg, I agree and feel that he is the strongest choice in the category.
                                    My Outside Pick: The Wachowski Siblings and Tom Tykwer, because of the ambition of their great project Cloud Atlas which was one of the most unique films I had seen in 2012.

Best Actor:   Who Will Most Likely Win: Daniel Day-Lewis, because he became president and did an fantastic performance
                        My Vote: Daniel-Day Lewis, I do feel he deserves the praise
                        My Outside Pick: Martin Freeman, he did a great job in the Hobbit and showed a force of charisma that few other movies have. He had some great moments of monologue and showed a decent character progression, perhaps more so than some of the other characters in the category.
Best Actress:    Who Will Most Likely Win:  Jessica Chastain, because people love it when an actress goes outside of their comfort zone. I just have this vibe.
                        My Vote: Jennifer Lawrence, because she’s charismatic and adorable and you love every second she’s onscreen to hear what she says.  She did a great job in her film.
                        My Outside Pick: Anne Hathaway, yes I know she’s in another category and yes I could have a better pick (I think they chose the best choices for this category), but I think her job in The Dark Knight Rises as Catwoman was great.
Best Supporting Actor:    Who Will Most Likely Win:  Robert De Niro, I just have a vibe he will win. People just love him and he did a pretty good job.
                                    My Vote:  Christoph Waltz, he was great in Django and perhaps even better than his stint in Inglourious Basterds.
                                    My Outside Pick: Christopher Walken, his performance in Seven Psychopaths was humorous and heartfelt and worth seeing.
            Best Supporting Actress:   Who Will Most Likely Win:  Sally Field, because this is one of those years where everyone attached to the big movie may win in their category.
                                                            My Vote: Jacki Weaver, she was hilarious as Bradley Cooper’s mom.
                                                            My Outside Pick: Emily Blunt, she was decent in Looper.
            Best Animated Feature: Who will Most Likely Win: Brave, unfortunately this will happen I say Pixar has this category in a monopoly even if I wasn’t too impressed by the film.
                                                My Vote: Wreck It Ralph, because it was fantastic and was the best movie about video games ever.
                                                My Outside Pick: The Lorax, because it had great messages and a great soundtrack and a great job by Ed Helms and Danny Devito.
            Best Original Score:   Who Will Most Likely Win:  Skyfall, because it wasn’t nominated for anything else pretty much :(
                                                            My Vote: Skyfall, had a decent score
                                                            My Outside Pick: The Dark Knight Rises, had a great score.

                        Best Visual Effects:                Who will Most Likely Win:  The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey, because there were some great effects.
                                                                        My Vote: Prometheus, there were some amazing shots and CGI.
                                                                        My Outside Pick: John Carter, sure the movie might not have been the best but there were some impressive visuals.

So there’s what I have to say, let’s see what happens!

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