Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dark Shadows Review

Dark Shadows

Director:  Tim Burton

Cast Headliner: Johnny Depp

Original Release Date: May 11th 2012  (seen October 2012)

      I must say starting out that I have never seen the original Dark Shadows. If it is anything like what Burton has made with this live action film then i would be very interested to see it. Dark Shadows is arguably about a brilliantly acted Barnabas Collins, who is played by Johnny Depp. An introductory scene is set in a good recreation of 1700's. The first segment could fit right into Sleepy Hollow. Things get interesting, and funny, when the film jumps into the 1970's for the majority of the plot
                         Depp's acting charisma is at a high here. In every movie that he's in he transforms into something larger than life. With Barnabas being a vampire, it takes a certain skill to be undead. Depp pulls it off as always. Much of the well written humor comes from him interacting with the 70's era, in that way typical Burton humor. The cause of his condition and villianess Angelique played by Eva Green was a great character as well.   The rest of the cast is decent but nothing to right home about, going with the atmosphere of the movie everyone has a reserved approach to their role.

        Barnabas's world is a dark one. The visuals and feel of Dark Shadows are oozing with atmosphere as always in Burton's work.  This film has some moments of humor, but they are overall mixed into a tale of darkness and tension.  The plot is great too, escalating to a epic finale.

        If only the rest of the cast were as entertaining to be around as Depp and Eva, and the best moments come when they interact.   The plot got a bit slow in places; the pacing of the film could have done with some trimming and re-arranging.      Despite this though, it was a great vampire comedy drama (that's what i call this type of film and i would hope to see more of the same).    If one is a fan of Burton or Depp or quality dark stories, this film is defiantely worth checking out.    8.5 out of 10


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